Gladiator 2 Spoiler

Gladiator 2 script by Nick Cave.

Scene 101: Interior room in Pentagon, Washington

Maximus enters room. There is a large circular table. Ten men in suits sit around the table. They each have a laptop open in front of them. There is a bank of screens along one wall. Maximus sits down at the table, in a blackm high-backed, leather chair.

Maximus: Excuse me, gentlemen.

Maximus looks as his laptop, then looks up at the other men.

Maximus: Now, where were we?

Scrooge McDuck’s Slow Jams ‘99


Sound and Vision and the kitchen sink

Beck performs the classic David Bowie song Sound and Vision, standing on a rotating stage, surrounded by an audience rotating around him, surrounded by more than 160 musicians and singers. The performance, directed by Chris Milk, was filmed with 360 degree cameras and binaural microphones. The interactive version of the video includes multiple lenses and audio origins, and uses utilizes facial tracking to automatically shift focus based on where you look. It is part of a series of re-imagined/rediscovered pieces of art called Hello, Again in support of a Lincoln motor co.

interactive version

non-interactive (aka fast) version

by Hello, Again

Euler’s Disk exhibits and amplifies the dynamic system of a spinning disk. It is the same physics as a coin spun on a table, but the disk utilizes an optimized aspect ratio to maximize spinning time. This video demonstrates the disk in use, notice the change in rotational frequency as the disk gets closer and closer to a horizontal spin.

available at Educational Innovations, Inc. (via GAS)